Why You Should Join a Writing Group

Why You Should Join a Writing Group

Are you a writer thinking about joining a writing group? Take it from me, this one choice can change your writing life. Creative juices flow when writers gather in a community.

Writing is a solitary job just sitting at your computer typing away, not knowing if what you are writing is good or garbage, but a writing group can help you in a multitude of ways. 

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My Writing Group

I joined a writing group a few years ago, and it was the best thing I have ever done. My group of writers (The Write Now Club), are the most supportive, encouraging people I have ever met. After a meeting, I am always more excited to get back to my work-in-progress. We celebrate each other’s success and learn from the mistakes.

Last year we decided to create a compilation of stories about the COVID-19 virus. We all worked on the project, some editing, some designing, some proofreading, and I am really proud of the result. The book was just released on January 7th/2021. You can pick up your copy here.

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6 Reasons to Join a Writing Group

There are many reasons to join a writing group:

    1. Brainstorming

    If you get stuck in your novel, you can get suggestions and share ideas with other writers. Sometimes talking over your plot, characters, etc.  will inspire you and get the ideas going again.

    2. Constructive Criticism

    Writing groups will evaluate your writing and offer a critique within a positive structure. Some groups will also edit and proofread your work. The cost is usually free, but they will expect you to do the same for another group member.

    The first time I did this I felt terrified, but the critique went well and I received valuable information that I implemented. You need to remember the group’s goal is to help you become a better writer, not to tear you down.

    3. Tips

    Writing groups provide tips, knowledge, guidance, advice, and valuable information. They share the things that have worked for them and the things that didn’t. Published members are usually helpful and willing to share their knowledge.

    One of our published members with 20 plus books gave a talk on her journey to find a publisher, providing insights into the industry and her writing process.

    4. Promotion

    Writing groups help you promote your work. They are great to write Amazon reviews, share posts on social media, and advertise in their newsletters. Just remember to return the favour.

    5. Accountability

    Writing groups keep you accountable. By setting goals and deadlines you will keep your writing on track. At last count, six writers from my group will publish novels in 2021.

    6. Social

    Writing groups are social. There is no place better to find others who share your interests. Group members will never tire of talking about plot, characters, outlining, and setting. Best of all, they are fun.

    Cons of Writing Groups

    What if someone steals my work? 

    This is something I have heard before. The members of your writing group are not competitors, even if you write in the same genre. The members are there to improve their work, not steal from others.

    Time Commitment

    There is a time commitment to joining a group that could interfere with your own writing. 

    Final Thoughts

    The positives of joining a writing group outweigh the negatives. Are you interested in joining a writing group? Let me know in the comments.

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