Jigsaw Puzzles: Are They Making a Comeback?

Jigsaw Puzzles: Are They Making a Comeback?

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? With these never-ending days of isolation, sometimes it feels like we are living in the movie ‘Groundhog Day’, but building jigsaw puzzles is a fantastic way to pass the time during the COVID-19 lockdown or anytime.

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.” Deepak Chopra

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Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

40320 piece puzzle

The Guinness World Records lists Ravensburger’s ‘Memorable Disney Moments’ as the world’s largest commercially produced puzzle with 40,320 pieces. The puzzle features ten movie scenes. It is 6.7 meters (22 feet) long and 1.82 (6 feet) wide. It weighs about 19.96 kg (44 lbs) and takes about 600 hours to put together.

World jigsaw j=

Image created in Canva

Why People Like Puzzles?

There are many reasons to puzzle:

1. Fun

Fun is the number one reason to work on a jigsaw puzzle. It can actually put you in a better mood. Just watch out because sometimes the minutes turn into hours.

2. Control

You can do a puzzle solo or with a group. You can work on it for hours or minutes at a time. It’s totally within your control. In these days of COVID-19 uncertainty, it is nice to have control over something.

3. Family Time

It strengthens relationships when you spend time together, cooperating on a shared goal.

4. Accomplishment

Finishing a puzzle gives us a feeling of accomplishment, a reward, but watch out they are addicting.

5. Stress Relief

Working on a puzzle can feel like meditation because it decreases your stress level. It’s a perfect place for people with anxiety to escape their brains. It is a calm, relaxing activity.

6. Mental Function

Constructing puzzles is good for your mental function because it encourages intuitive thinking, decision making, and problem-solving. It helps with memory, attention to detail, and learning skills. According to Cronicas Puzzlers solving puzzles also helps with visual-spatial reasoning.

Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles

As stated in Reader’s Digest, these are three of fourteen of the most Challenging puzzles available.

Beverly Micro Puzzle-Pure White Hell

I think hell is the proper word for this entirely white 1000 piece puzzle.

Educa Amsterdam with Red Bike Puzzle

The red of this bicycle is the easiest to assemble, but the rest would be difficult.

Bgraamiens Puzzle – The Lines

This 1000 piece puzzle looks like a spirograph created it.

5000 Pieces

Late every fall, my daughter and I start on a puzzle on the dining room table. We normally work on 1000 piece puzzles, but this year we tried a 5000 piece Ravensburger Disney puzzle.

Disney Puzzle

The puzzle was too large to create on a table, so we started building it on the living room floor. It took hours just to flip the pieces over and sort by colour, extracting all the edge pieces.

After assembling the border, we realized the size of the puzzle and it was hard on the body sitting on the floor. So we put the pieces into bins by colour and work on one colour at a time on the dining room table.

We assembled pieces, then slipped them onto cardboard sheets and transported them across the hall as the Disney Characters came to life. Once we got to about 1000 pieces, we moved back across the hall, working on our hands and knees. I kept telling my daughter it would get easier, but that was a lie. The white dalmatians at the end were the hardest of all. We estimated it took two of us about 150 hours to complete.

Mystery Puzzles

My favourite puzzles are the mystery ones where there are no pictures, and you do not know what the result will be.

Elephant Puzzle

This 1000 piece puzzle was hard to build with all colours looking the same. The pieces also didn’t snap into place as some puzzles do. Since the top puzzle was so challenging, we haven’t attempted the bottom one yet. In fact, if you look closely you will notice the cellophane.

Final Thoughts

After finishing the 5,000 piece puzzle, I couldn’t even fathom building one with 40,000. What is the largest puzzle you have built? Let me know in the comments.

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