Why Board Games are The Best Entertainment

Why Board Games are The Best Entertainment

Do you play board games? Board Games are the best entertainment; the perfect, inexpensive family fun night. These days it seems people play more games online than in person and that’s a shame.

Game of Monopoly

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Most Board Games Sold

There are tons of Internet lists on the web that debate which board games are the best to play. According to The Riches website, the top 10 most sold board games ever include:

In 2013

1. Chess
2. Checkers
3. Backgammon
4. Scrabble
5. Monopoly
6. Clue
7. Othello
8. Trivial Pursuit
9. Pictionary
10. Risk.

In 2019

1. Chess
2. Checkers
3. Backgammon
4. Monopoly
5. Scrabble
6. Clue
7. Trivial Pursuit
8. Battleship
9. Candyland
10. Life

The top 6 board games remain the same, except that Monopoly and Scrabble change positions. We have 9 of these games on our game shelf.

Why Play Board Games?

Fun is the number one reason to play board games. Playing games is a great stress reliever because it’s relaxing. You will never laugh as much doing anything else. It strengthens relationships when you spend time together engaged in fun activities.

Game playing is excellent for your brain function because it encourages decision making, strategic thinking, problem solving and creativity. It helps with memory and learning skills plus it fosters friendly competition, cooperation, patience, goal setting and teamwork.

Best of all, playing board games keeps us from our screens, which we spend too much time staring at.

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My Top 7 Favorite Board Games

My favorite games in no particular order are:

1. Monopoly

The classic Monopoly board game involves buying and trading property, collecting rent, buying hotels and houses by rolling two six-sided dice to move your piece around the board. We have the Simpson’s monopoly game which features Moe’s Bar, Duff Gardens and Burns Manor.

2. Monopoly Deal

The Monopoly Deal card game, which only takes ten minutes to play, is a riot. It has extra cards like debt collectors, forced deals, and deal-breakers, that keep the game fun and challenging.

3. Sequence

Sequence is a board and card game. All 52 cards are displayed on the board except for the jacks. Jacks are wild and can remove a card or replace any card. The corners are free spaces. The goal is to get two rows of five before your opponents by placing a chip on the board from the cards laid down from your hand.

4. Blokus

Blokus is a strategic game involving placing coloured playing pieces on the board to claim your territory. Quick to learn, the only rule is that each piece must touch at least one other piece of the same colour but only in the corners. The winner has the least amount of pieces at the end of the game.

5. King of Tokyo

The King of Tokyo game is a new favourite game. Pick a mutant monster, then go for points or protect your health. Roll six dice at the start of every turn, three times; choose whether to keep each die in order to get points, energy, heal or attack your opponents. Enter the city of Tokyo to get points but lose the ability to heal. Purchase special cards for advantages. Sounds more complicated than it is.

6. 5 Second Rule

The object of the game is to come up with three answers to a question in 5 seconds while a timer counts down. If you don’t come up with the answer the next player takes a turn and needs all new answers to the same question.

7. Battleship

The object of Battleship is to sink the other player’s five ships before they sink your 5 ships by calling out coordinates on the board.

Honorable Mention 

The Game of Life, Clue, and Checkers all deserve honourable mentions. After watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, I may even try chess.

Final Thoughts

I love to play games, but I never seem to win, although winning is not the reason I play. What is your favourite game? Let me know in the comments.


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