What Would Life Be Like Without Movies?

What Would Life Be Like Without Movies?

What if movies didn’t exist? Have you ever thought about life without movies? Probably not, because we take them for granted. Years ago, when I was young, you had to go to a movie theater, to see a movie and if you didn’t see it there, you would have to wait until it came out on Network TV with commercials. But now you can watch movies any time on the Internet with new streaming services popping up all the time. Let’s discuss the good and bad parts of movies.

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3 Benefits of Movies

Here are three benefits of watching movies.

1. Escapism

Movies are one of the most common forms of entertainment. Especially with the explosion of streaming services and the two-year Covid shutdown. Movies allow us to escape into another world and forget our problems and worries for a bit. Movies engage our minds, allowing our worries to fade away.

They allow us to travel to new worlds and experience things we would have never thought about trying. Through movies, we can climb Mount Everest (Everest), crawl through caves (Sanctum), travel through space (Star Wars, Star Trek), drive fast (Fast and Furious) and scuba dive in the ocean (Into the Blue) all without leaving the comfort of our home.

2. Excitement and Emotion

Movies bring excitement and the intensity of emotion. Have you ever cried or been angry after watching a movie? Or experienced emotion that you wouldn’t have otherwise. These are the main reasons they are so popular. Movies like Top Gun and Indiana Jones are exciting. We leave the theatre happy and ready to take on the world. My Sisters Keeper, My Girl, The Fault in My Stars and Steel Magnolias will always draw tears and emotions.

3. Education

Films show us science, technology, history, culture and politics. Through movies, we learn about the past. We learn about people that have changed the world. Also, the visual medium of film allows us to retain information better. Movies such as First Man, Schindler’s List, Braveheart, Hidden Figures, Titanic and Apollo 13 educate us about the past while entertaining us at the same time. How many times have you watched a movie and then hit Google for more information?

Drawback of Movies

Here are three drawbacks to watching movies.

1. Unrealistic Expectations

Movies come with unrealistic expectations. They make us believe that anything is possible, but some things aren’t. Carrying around a hammer will not make you Thor. Wrapping a stethoscope around your neck will not make you a Doctor.

They make unhealthy lifestyles and choices look appealing.

2. Confusion

Special effects and computer animations are now so realistic that it is confusing for kids. You’ve heard stories in the news about a child being killed or seriously hurt because they were acting out something they saw in a movie. This is especially true for kids who have grown up in the technology age.

3. Violence

The other thing is that children are being exposed to hyper-intense scenes of violence. Researchers concluded in Developmental Psychology that, “Every violent TV show increases a little-bit the likelihood of a child growing up to behave more aggressively.” Movies like Saw, Hostel and the Godfather trilogy glorify blood and gore.

Final Thoughts

So are movies good or bad? Well, the answer is yes – to both. Now the question remains, does one outweigh the other? Write me a note in the comments and let me know your thoughts.


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