What Do You Know About Empaths?

What Do You Know About Empaths?

What is an empath? Sure, everyone knows about empathy, which involves understanding the feelings of others, but what exactly is an empath? Is it having high emotional intelligence or something more? 


Merriam Webster defines an empath as a person who has empathy for others, but it is much more than that. It is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel their emotions as your own.

Why Am I Writing About Empaths?

Charlie, the protagonist of my Novel ‘Hollow Edge’ is an empath. It was easy for me to get inside her head and write those parts authentically because I could write from personal experience since I am one myself. Although, Charlie’s abilities far outweigh my own.

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The following is a list of ten common traits among empaths:

1. An Empath Absorbs Emotions

An empath can absorb the emotions of others as their own. Their moods change based on their surroundings. Crying people make them cry, cheerful people, make them happy. It’s as simple as that.

An empath’s mood can change depending on who enters the room and swings it. Social situations can leave an empath feeling drained and sometimes even physically ill. Most empaths prefer being alone or in the company of one or two people.

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2. An Empath Puts the Needs of Others First

Empaths often put the needs of others before their own, since they have such an intense level of compassion for others. They have a hard time setting boundaries.

 3. An Empath Has Difficulty Saying No

Empaths have difficulty saying no to other people because they don’t want to hurt their feelings since they can sense their hurt.

This may give them the reputation of being overly sensitive or soft-hearted. It may even lead to bullying.

4. An Empath Can Sense Energy

Empaths can sense the energy or vibes people emit, which they trust more than words. Some can feel things before they happen. They especially hate the energy of negative people or energy vampires.

They have an acute sensitivity to sounds, smells and sensations.

5. An Empath Can Sense Liars

Empaths can pick up if a person says one thing but means another. They are quick to diffuse situations they feel could lead to an argument because they crave peace.

I used to think I was introverted because I like being alone, but it turns out that I just like being at peace, and I am very extroverted around people that bring me peace.

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6. An Empath Feels Deeply

Empaths feel every emotion deeply. They have severe emotional highs and lows from absorbing everyone’s emotions. As emotional thinkers, they have trouble sorting emotions from logic.

Sometimes they feel the pain of the whole-world and completely shut down.

7. Empaths are the Best Listeners

Most empaths are also introverts. Because they are quiet, they observe more than talkers.

8. Empaths Treat Their Pets like Humans

Animals are a big attraction for empaths who treat their pets as good as or better than humans.

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9. Empaths Over Think Everything

Empaths have a tendency to overthink every single aspect of their lives. They worry about the past, present and future. They worry about what others think of them, even replaying conversations from past years over and over in their heads.

10. Empaths Love Too Much

An empath’s love is over the top. If they love you, they will love you forever and worry about you constantly.

Different Types of Empaths

According to HiSensitives there are six types of empaths:

  1. Emotional Empaths
  2. Physical Empaths
  3. Geomantric Empaths 
  4. Earth Empaths
  5. Intuitive Empath 
  6. Animal Empath

Emotional Empaths soak up emotions while physical empaths attract pain. Geomantric empaths are attracted to places while earth empaths understand nature. An intuitive empath is in tune with their inner self, while an animal empath senses animals. It is possible to be more than one type of empath.

Empath Triggers

The following things can trigger an Empath:

  • Enormous crowds
  • Fake conversation aka small talk
  • Conflict
  • Feeling rushed
  • Loud noises
  • Inauthentic people
  • Overly emotional people
  • Overstimulation

Empath’s Love

Empaths much like most introverts love or need the following things to be happy:

  • Silence/quiet
  • Alone time
  • Clean spaces
  • Water
  • Animals
  • Comedies
  • Nature
  • Staying in bed

Four Things an Empath Needs to do to Stay Sane

  1. Include themselves in their compassion for others
  2. Look after themselves before others
  3. Ask themselves whose emotions they are feeling, their own or someone else’s
  4. Set clear boundaries to protect themselves

Final Thoughts

Being an empath is not all bad if you learn to take care of yourself first. I still struggle with that. Are you an empath? Let me know in the comments.

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