It’s Cool to be an Introvert

It’s Cool to be an Introvert

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Introversion and extroversion are personality traits, but is it better to be one or the other? In this post, we will discuss the benefits (why it’s cool to be an introvert) and drawbacks of being an introvert.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Merriam Windsor defines an introvert as a typically reserved or quiet person who tends to be introspective and enjoys spending time alone. While an extrovert is defined as a typically gregarious and unreserved person who enjoys and seeks social interaction.

In simple terms, an introvert finds energy and recharges from spending time alone while an extrovert find energy and recharges by spending time with others.

What are the benefits of being an introvert?

There are many benefits to being an introvert. In general, most introverts have the:

Ability to focus

    Introverts are good at focusing on tasks for extended periods of time without becoming easily distracted by external stimuli. Sometimes they can block the outside world and become totally engrossed in a task, especially if it is one they love.

    Creative thinking

      Many introverts have a rich inner world, which can lead to creative insights and ideas. A lot of actors, writers and musicians claim to be introverted.

      Being alone for a while is dangerous.

      It’s addicting.

      Once you see how peaceful it is, you don’t want to deal with people.

      Tom Hardy

      Strong listening skills

        Introverts are good listeners, as they are often more interested in what others say than in talking about themselves. In a social situation, they will learn more about the attendee than extroverts.


          Introverts enjoy spending time alone and are comfortable with solitude, which can lead to a strong sense of independence. They often feel drained or overwhelmed after extended periods of social interaction, and need to recharge their energy by being alone or engaging in solitary activities.

          I don’t say no because I’m so busy.
          I say no because I don’t want to be so busy.
          Courtney Carver

          Depth of relationships

            While introverts may not have a large social circle, they have deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people they spend time with.

            Analytical thinking

              Introverts focus on their inner thoughts and feelings so they often excel at analytical thinking, as they are more likely to mull over complex problems and consider multiple perspectives before concluding.

              Lower risk-taking behavior

                Introverts are less likely to engage in risky behavior, as they tend to be more cautious and deliberate in their decision-making.

                What are the drawbacks of being an introvert?

                While there are many benefits to being an introvert, there are also some potential drawbacks, including:

                Social isolation

                Introverts may struggle to build and maintain social connections, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

                Misunderstood by others

                Because introverts are quieter and more reserved than extroverts, some people may think they are unfriendly or uninterested. But they are not. Introverts are not shy or anti-social; they simply prefer more quiet and reflective activities and may find it difficult to assert themselves in large social settings.

                Over Thinking

                Because introverts spend a lot of time in their own heads, they may be more prone to over thinking or getting stuck in negative thought patterns.

                Don’t lie to an over thinker.
                It never ends well.
                Such people have trained their brains to look for holes in a story.

                If shit doesn’t make sense, they will think about it over and over and over until it makes sense.

                I’m that person.
                Unknown Author


                Introverts may be more prone to anxiety or social anxiety, as they may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed in social situations.


                Introverts may be more prone to burnout, as they can easily become exhausted by extended periods of social interaction or stimulation.

                Famous Introverts

                Here are a few famous introverted people that you may have heard about:


                • Albert Einstein
                • Bill Gates
                • Eleanor Roosevelt
                • Charles Darwin
                • Barack Obama
                • Emma Watson
                • Meryl Streep
                • Michael Jordan
                • Mahatma Gandhi
                • Rosa Parks
                • Sir Isaac Newton
                • Mark Zuckerberg
                • Steven Spielberg

                  My Life as an Introvert

                  For a long time, I hated the fact that I am an introvert. Coming from a family of extroverts, I always felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. It took me years of struggling to accept myself the way I am. I’d ask myself:

                  • Why are you different?
                  • Why can’t you talk like a normal person?
                  • Why can’t you communicate what you are trying to say?
                  • Why are you so scattered?
                  • Why can’t you be like everyone else?

                  In school, things like “group work” or “pick a partner” were horrifying gut wrenching moments.

                  The thought of being embarrassed in public or being centred out would cause my heart to race for hours. I was so good at hiding my anxiety and panic attacks that no one would even notice. I also suffer from overthinking and anxiety which not all introverts have.

                  But now… I am good with being an introvert. It’s part of who I am.

                  I like to do solitary things.
                  I feel at peace when I am alone (not that I don’t like other people, I do).
                  I am creative.

                  I am me.


                  Introvert Problems

                  There is a funny account I follow on Twitter called Introvert Problems, check out some of their posts below.


                  Final Thoughts

                  There are benefits and drawbacks to introversion, the same as extroversion. Are you an introvert? Let me know in the comments.


                  Until next time

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                  Pet Bills: My $18,000 Pug

                  Pet Bills: My $18,000 Pug

                  How much money would you pay to save someone you love? Would you pay a thousand or a million dollars? What if it wasn’t a person but a beloved pet? When I tell people we spent over $18,000 on operations for my pug, they shake their heads and laugh, but what is money compared to the health of someone you love?

                  Background Story

                  Marge (formerly Max) came to live with us on April 28th, 2015, after a friend of my daughters was looking to re-home their pug. Even though we weren’t ready for another pug after our precious Max died, I couldn’t let him go to a shelter. We named him Maddox, thinking we could call him Mads for short and it would sound similar to Max. Somehow, over time, his name changed to Marge. I am still not sure how that happened, but it seems to suit him.

                  The Operations

                  Marge has had four operations in his time with us. It wasn’t just one operation that cost 18,000. 

                  Operation #1

                  A little over a year after Marge moved in (June 2016), I mentioned to the vet that he had bad breath. She checked his teeth and noticed that three of them were rotten and needed to be pulled. Since he hadn’t been fixed yet either, we decided to do it all at the same time. The vet called during the operation and said that he needed seven teeth removed, not three. Poor boy!

                  He came through the operation with flying colors, but he still hasn’t forgiven me.
                  Final Cost $5000

                  Operation #2

                  I took Marge back to the vet to have a growth on his eye checked (March 2018). Fortunately, it was only a cyst, but it needed to be removed before it caused damage to his eye and left him blind. Marge had a bit of trouble with the anesthetic after the surgery, but he did well and rebounded quickly.
                  Final Cost $1400

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                  You can see the cyst in the corner of his left eye.

                  Operation #3

                  Marge had a mole-like growth on his left rear leg that changed. After a trip to the vet (October 2019), they thought it was cancer and recommended surgery. It was a much bigger surgery than we thought it would be. They took extra wide margins around the growth and sent it for a biopsy. He still has quite the scar. His cancer was a mast cell tumour but fortunately, it hadn’t spread, so he didn’t need any further treatment.
                  Final Cost $4400

                  Operation #4

                  On New Year’s Day 2021, Marge was not feeling well and tried to find some grass to eat to settle his stomach. He had had little appetite for a few days. He had a previous bout with colitis a few months earlier and we were concerned he was getting worse. After rushing him to the emergency vet (our vet was closed), my daughter and I spent several hours waiting in the car (they only allowed pets in the office because of Covid-19) while they performed a few expensive tests. They discovered Marge had a growth on his spleen. We had two options: take him home and keep him comfortable for a few weeks until he passed or try an operation with only a five percent success rate.

                  The vet was good at answering all our questions, and we finally went ahead with the operation to give Marge a chance. They let us come in and visit him just in case something happened. He lived through the operation and they sent the growth out to be tested.

                  After Care

                  The vet kept him overnight to monitor him. When we called in the morning, they said we could take him home as soon as he ate. Unfortunately, he still had no appetite, but that evening they let us bring him home with a ton of medicine and a feeding tube. There were so many medications that had to be given every few hours, plus the tube feedings. We charted it all out and set alarms on our phones. The longest we could sleep was 4 hours without having to do something. We brought the mattress down from the spare room to give him more space to sleep without having to do the stairs (which I blocked off – we had baby gates everywhere) and I slept there with him for 10 days.

                  Back to the Vet

                  Three days after he came home, Marge was violently sick. I thought he was going to die. We rushed him back to the vet. They pulled the feeding tube from his nose. After giving him a shot to calm his stomach and control his vomiting, they let him come back home after a few hours.

                  Without the feeding tube, we got to sleep a little more, but trying to get him to eat was a challenge. Continuing with the medication, we wondered if we had made the right decision with the operation. Our intention was to give him a chance, not to make him suffer.

                  And Again

                  A week after his operation, he still wasn’t getting better, so we took him back to our own vet, who prescribed more medication and gave him a shot. I was really not feeling good about his recovery. After talking with my daughter, we took him off all the medication. The next morning, he started eating a little and behaving like his old self. Every day after that, he improved. 

                  Good News

                  The results from the biopsy were fantastic. His growth was benign – with only a five percent chance – the vet said she rarely gets to deliver good news in this situation. The only downside is without a spleen, he can’t regulate his body heat, so we have to be mindful of the time he spends outside. Sometimes we even have to put on the air conditioning just for him.
                  Final Cost $7200

                  Final Thoughts

                  The total cost of operations equals $18000 dollars, and that doesn’t include his food, toys, beds, ramp, stairs, and treats. Would I spend the money again? Absolutely! My dog is family, I would do anything for him. What would you do in the same situation? Let me know if the comments.

                  Until next time


                  Do You Remember The Flintstones and The Jetsons?

                  Do You Remember The Flintstones and The Jetsons?

                  When you were young, did you watch the Flintstones or the Jetsons or both? Did you like one more than the other? Let’s go down memory lane…

                  The Flintstones

                  The Flintstones became the first animated hit in prime-time television history. Set in the Stone Age, in the little town of Bedrock. The Flintstones became a smash hit because of its clever images and outstanding humour.

                  The Flintstones used bird beaks as phonograph needles, elephant trunks as vacuum cleaners, fireflies as light bulbs, and their feet to drive their cars.

                  The Cast

                  The Flintstones follows the lives of Fred Flintstone and his wife Wilma. They live next door to their best friends Barney and Betty Rubble. They also had a pet dinosaur named Dino to keep them company.

                  Inspired by The Honeymooners, and following in the footsteps of comedies such as I Love Lucy. The show’s characters are always inventing hair-brained schemes, attempting to cover up little white lies, or engaging in some other form of behaviour bound to get them in trouble.

                  In the show’s later years, each couple would have a child. Fred & Wilma had Pebbles, and Barney & Betty adopting Bam-Bam. Notable celebrities appeared on the show such as Ann Margaret, who portrayed Ann Margrock, and Tony Curtis, who played Stoney Curtis.

                  Notable Episodes

                  Here is a list of some of the notable episodes:

                  The Flintstone Flyer: Fred pretends to be sick so he and Barney can get out of going to the opera with Wilma and Betty.

                  The Swimming Pool: Fred and Barney build a pool together only to have it strain their friendship.

                  Hollyrock, Here I Come: Betty and Wilma win a trip to Hollyrock as a television game show prize.

                  The Jetsons

                  If the Flintstones are the modern stone-age family, then the Jetsons are the typical post-modern futuristic family. The Jetsons had creativity and imagination. They had flying cars, stilted high-rise houses, and automated gadgets for almost every conceivable type.

                  The Cast

                  After the success of the Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera launched The Jetson’s in 1962. Although they cancelled the show after one season before reviving it again from 1985 to 1988.

                  The Jetsons follow the lives of George Jetson and his average middle-class family. George works for Spacely Sprockets. George’s wife, Jane, is a homemaker who dials up breakfast for the family and pushes all the proper buttons necessary for cleaning the house and domestic affairs. (If they ever revived this show again, you would hope they would give Jane a career).

                  Their son, Elroy, is a boy genius, while their daughter Judy is a typical teenage rock-and-roller. Add a sarcastic robot maid named Rosie into the mix and a talking dog named Astro, and The Jetsons has all the components of a modern TV classic.

                  Notable Episodes

                  Here is a list of some of the notable episodes:

                  Rosie the Robot: Jane urges George to buy a robot maid, but George feels they can’t afford it.

                  Rosie’s Boyfriend: Rosie falls in love with the building super’s rag-tag robot assistant

                  Miss Solar System: Jane enters the Miss Solar System pageant against George’s wishes, not knowing that George is one of the secret judges

                  Final Thoughts

                  While some ideas in the Flintstones and Jetsons are outdated, there are still many episodes that stand the test of time. What was your favourite show? Let me know in the comments.


                  Until next time


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                  How To Tame A Feral Cat

                  How To Tame A Feral Cat

                  What do you know about taming a feral cat? If you are a reader of my newsletter, you know that I have had difficulties training our feral cat, Akita; that we captured last spring. Read on to learn more about my journey.

                  Trapping A Cat

                  My father-in-law told us we had a cat on our porch. We left food out and every time we checked; the food was gone. One time my daughter and I caught sight of the kitten and followed it to my neighbour’s deck where it was hiding underneath, but we couldn’t find her. Then we tried to catch the cat in a humane, live animal trap, baiting it with ham. The first few times, the food disappeared, but the trap didn’t work. After a few days, we switched out to another trap and finally caught her. You can see from her face how happy that made her.

                  Feral cat in a cage

                  Wild Cat

                  Akita hissed and threw a fit, desperate to free herself from the cage and escape. I took a quick trip to Walmart for cat supplies. My husband and I took her out of the cage and released her in our finished basement giving her access to that part of the house. She took off in a flash, looking for a safe space. We left her alone to adjust.

                  Checking on her a while later, she had hidden under the toilet tank in the bathroom, the smallest room in the basement. She was all claws, teeth and hiss, four pounds of anger and fear, swatting at us every time we tried to coax her out with food or treats.

                  It was at that time we figured out she was probably feral and not just a kitten that was dropped off.

                  The Internet

                  The next step was hitting Google to see how to tame a feral cat. There were tons of videos and tutorials. My daughter and I kept trying with Akita, but she only came out when we weren’t around. Luckily, after having one accident, she taught herself how to use a litter box. The articles I read told me to sprinkle dirt in her litter box and it seemed to work.

                  The Vet

                  We wanted to take her to the vet and get her checked out. At that point, we didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl. My daughter and I spent over half an hour trying to catch her and get her into the cat carrier. The vet told us she was a healthy girl, about 4 months old. That was great because they said we could domesticate feral kittens under six months of age.

                  Bad Advice

                  Everything we read online said to put Akita in a cage where she could see us and pull her out and pet her a few times a day. We borrowed a big dog cage and set it up in the kitchen with a litter box and food. Poor Akita was terrified. We could see her heart thumping in her chest. I used gloves to pull her out of her cage and nestle her against my chest, as the experts suggested. She fought and bit me a few times, but then relented. Each time we did it, she reacted the same. We were both very stressed.

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                  Good Advice

                  I called the vet for advice, hoping that I could tame this poor little girl. I just couldn’t think about throwing her back out in the cold. She suggested we set her up in a small room and make her feel safe. We set her up in our spare bedroom with everything she needed and gave her a few days to adjust.

                  The vet suggested I start by going into the room and letting her get used to me. I either read or played on my phone. After a few days, I engaged her using a feather toy with a long stick. She started by sticking out a paw, then she would come out from under the bed, but retreated every time. This went on for about a month with me, playing with her, feeding her and letting her adjust on her own terms. She even purred when we played.

                  Cat under the bed
                  Cat playing with a toy

                  Out of the Room

                  The next step was to integrate her into the rest of the house. We started by opening the door at night when we went to bed so she could explore on her own terms. Once she got used to that, we started leaving the door open a few hours during the day. A curious girl, she would come out of her bedroom and hang out on the landing overlooking the stairs, always retreating to her room whenever we tried to come near or she felt threatened.

                  Slow Integration

                  Slowly but surely, we built up trust. We progressed to giving her treats and she let us touch her head and pet her. Akita also had to get used to our pug Marge, the sweetest boy on Earth. Every time she was afraid, she would hiss at us and retreat to her room. It took months for her to trust us and even now, when she gets scared, she hisses (which is a sign of fear, not aggression).

                  In the last couple of weeks, she has started to sit on my lap when I am on the couch and let me pet her. She’ll even nap on the love seat when Marge is sleeping on the couch.

                  Final Thoughts

                  It’s been eleven months, and she is now part of our family and even though she is still a scared-y cat, she relaxes her guard more and more all the time. Have you ever rescued a feral cat?

                  Until next time



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                  7 Christmas Movies You Need to Watch

                  7 Christmas Movies You Need to Watch

                  Do you have a favourite Christmas movie? Do you watch the same holiday movies every year no matter how many times you have watched them before? As the Christmas season is all about togetherness, I’ve compiled some movie recommendations for you.

                  Christmas Scenes of two families watching movies

                  Image created in Canva.

                  7 Classic Christmas Movies

                  Here are seven great Christmas movies to re-watch or watch for the first time:

                  1. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

                  James Stewart and Donna Reed’s classic is a must-see on any list of holiday movies. Introduce your children to this timeless tale.

                  2. A Christmas Story (1983)

                  Ralphie wants nothing more than a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. This 1940s family is hilarious. Ralphie’s irritable father, whiny brother, and American mother will make you laugh. A Christmas Story is one comedy you won’t want to miss if you’ve ever tried to lick a frozen telephone pole or donned a ridiculous bunny costume on Christmas morning.

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                  3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

                  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the best Christmas-themed comedy ever made. The film is more than just a seasonal flick; it is one of those rare comedies that is near perfect from beginning to end. With some of the best one-liners in comedy, this film will have you reciting its dialogue for many Christmases to come.

                  4. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

                  Gonzo as Dickens? What could possibly go wrong? This lighthearted, humorous version is a great introduction to Charles Dickens’ classic story.

                  5. The Santa Clause (1994)

                  While every child dreams of going to the North Pole, how many can say that their father is Santa? Watch Tim Allen become Santa.

                  6. Elf (2003)

                  Who could be more fun to watch than a six-foot-tall elf? Will Farrell is outstanding in his performance and the concept of an Elf on the loose in New York City makes this a Christmas classic.

                  7. Christmas With The Kranks (2004)

                  Based on John Grisham’s best-selling novel Skipping Christmas, Christmas With The Kranks resembles the book in almost every facet save for the title. With hilarious scenes after hilarious scenes, Christmas With The Kranks is one of the funniest comedies in years, and certainly one of the top ten Christmas comedies ever.

                  Final Thoughts

                  There are so many great Christmas movies. Are any of your favourites on this list? Let me know in the comments.


                  Until next time



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                  Scrapbooking: The Best Way to Preserve Memories

                  Scrapbooking: The Best Way to Preserve Memories

                  Do you like to scrapbook? Most people think scrapbooking is something for crafty people or that it is a complicated process, but you don’t have to be a crafty person to preserve memories that will last a lifetime.

                  What is Scrapbooking?

                  In simple terms, scrapbooking is the hobby of combining photographs, memorabilia, and written content such as poetry, quotations, or stories into a unique, personalized scrapbook.

                  Why You Should Scrapbook

                  Keeping scrapbooks is a great way to preserve sentimental memories and retrieve them for later use or reference. A scrapbook can give a sense of what a significant event was like by capturing its essence. This is a far better alternative than storing items in photo albums or boxes in the basement. You can keep your most precious memories safe in these books until you are ready to look back on them.

                  More than Organizing

                  Scrapbooking isn’t just about organizing photos. It’s about presenting them attractively while protecting other important documents, like concert tickets, newspaper articles, and awards. It is possible to capture a moment in time and preserve its history.

                  What You Should Scrapbook

                  Scrapbook any occasion that you want to remember, including anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, new births, vacations, or building your first home. Don’t forget to scrapbook everyday events like a walk in the autumn leaves or a trip to the beach.


                  Image created in Canva.

                  Scrapbooking Information

                  You can find plenty of scrapbooking tutorials and websites online that can give you some ideas and tips to get you started. If you don’t know where to begin, you can find thousands of scrapbooking ideas on Pinterest.

                  Scrapbooking Supplies

                  In order to get started, you will need some materials, and you may already have some of these items lying around the house:

                  • Acid-free pens
                  • Albums
                  • Cardstock
                  • Cut-outs
                  • Designer Papers
                  • Glitter Pens
                  • Markers
                  • Paper Trimmer
                  • Patterns
                  • Pre-Filled Labels
                  • Ribbons
                  • Serrated- Scissors
                  • Stencils
                  • Stickers

                  Craft stores carry all these products, but a dollar store is a great place to get inexpensive supplies. 

                  Prepackaged Kits

                  When you are a beginner, you can save time by purchasing a scrapbooking kit that contains all the supplies you need. When you plan your scrapbook layouts using a kit, you can make the process easier and faster. A wide choice of themes is available, along with coordinated product selections. The kits still offer you the flexibility to adjust the look to your liking by adding your personal touch.

                  Personalizing Your Scrapbook

                  You can easily customize your scrapbook because all you have to do is to be yourself and choose the accessories you like. How will you personalize the book and how will you preserve the images are some questions that need to be asked before getting started?

                  The key is to have fun with the project so you can enjoy looking at it in the future. There is no right or wrong layout, so relax and let your thoughts flow freely, and get creative. Adding embellishments is fun and you can use your imagination!

                  My Experiences With Scrapbooking

                  For years I accumulated all the important moments in my daughters’ school and sports life. I put everything in a box and told myself I would get back to it sometime. During her first year of university, I decided to dig into the box of memories and create a scrapbook. It took me hours of organizing, searching through dollar stores and craft stores, then putting the pages together, but I found it relaxing and fun. It resulted in six scrapbooks.

                  Since then, I create a scrapbook book every year of everything she does, as well as one for every vacation we take. When she gets older, these memories will be something she has to look back on always.

                  Final Thoughts

                  Not only can scrapbooking be a wonderful way to pass the time, but you can also create a treasured family keepsake to share with your family and friends. Do you scrapbook? Let me know in the comments.


                  Until next time



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