8 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Library Today

Do you have a dream? Mine is to have a home library. One room lined with shelves of books, a comfy chair and a do not disturb sign on the door. I have even collected hundreds of photos of home libraries on Pinterest like this post.

It seems like a crazy dream, now that a single device can hold hundreds of books. According to TechWalla, the first generation Kindles held over 1,400 books and the new generation can hold over 3,000 books. The new Kobo e-readers hold 6000 books.

If I still want to read traditional books, maybe I should go back to using the library and save some trees.

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According to Booknet Canada, 56% of Canadian readers use the Library to borrow bestsellers, other fiction and non-fiction. They also note that of the books that Canadians borrowed from their libraries last year: 82% were print books, 13% were ebooks, and 5% were audiobooks.

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8 Reasons to Go to the Library

With the cost of a free library card (yes, I said free), you can access the following resources:

1. Books

That’s obvious, come to read the books and stay for the magazines, movies and music. Just don’t be late returning the books or you’ll get stuck with late fees.

For writers, local libraries are a treasure trove of history from photographs, journals, maps and letters.

2. Quiet

Quiet is a requirement in the library, so there are no noisy distractions. It is a wonderful place to work, write or read in peace.

3. Computers and Wifi

Internet is available and so is computer use, although you may have to book them in advance. It is a great resource for those who can’t afford a computer or internet. It also helps people stay connected.

4. Research Databases

Libraries subscribe to online database services the average person couldn’t afford.

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

Albert Einstein

5. Rare Books

Libraries can access rare books, although they usually have to stay on the premises. They also have an extensive interlibrary loan allowing you to get books from other libraries.

6. Librarians

Librarians know how to research. They know how to find the answers to your questions because their primary goal is to connect the user to the resources they need.

7. Community Events

Library events help keep the community together with events such as readings, classes, and movie nights.

8. Amazing Authors

The library is full of amazing authors: Browning, Keats, Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare, and Tolstoy, to name just a few. No matter what type of books you like to read, you can always find something or discover a new author to love.

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The Largest Libraries in the World

According to RankRed, the fifteen largest libraries in the world are:

  1. British Library
  2. Library of Congress
  3. New York Public Library
  4. Library and Archives of Canada
  5. Russian State Library
  6. National Diet Library
  7. Bibliothèque Nationale de France
  8. National Library of China
  9. National Library of Russia
  10. The Royal Library of Denmark
  11. German National Library
  12. National Library of Spain
  13. Library of the Russian Academy of Science
  14. Berlin State Library
  15. Boston Public Library

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Final Thoughts

Once Canada is Covid-19 free and the libraries are open again, I am going to use it regularly. How about you, do you plan on using the library again? Let me know in the comments.

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