7 Things to See on the Cape Peninsula Tour


Written by Frankie Cameron

Have you ever heard of the legendary Chapman’s Peak Drive or seen the seals on Duikar island? Both places are part of the full day Cape Peninsula Tour, a must-see if you ever travel to Cape Town, South Africa.

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 “One cannot resist the lure of Africa.”

~ Rudyard Kipling

The following are my top 7 things to see on the Cape Peninsula Tour in South Africa:

1. Millionaire’s Paradise

The tour begins in Cape Town, travelling past the beautiful homes of Millionaire’s Paradise from Clifton to Camps Bay. Some homes look carved right into the cliffs. The city of Cape Town winds around the Twelve Apostle Mountain Range.

Image by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

2. Chapman Peak Drive

The tour continues along the beautiful, untamed coastline. Named Chapman Peak Drive after John Chapman, the captain of an English ship. Construction began in the early 1900’s using the 630 million-year-old previously existing Cape Granite contour.

The road hugs the rugged cliffs on one side while the ocean stretches on forever on the other. There are over a hundred curves on the road, if it feels like you are riding on the edge of a cliff, it is because you are.

There are catch fences along the drive, in the event that there are falling rocks. In addition, they have set up several wonderful spots to stop on the drive and look back.

Along the drive, we met some new friends. It’s not every day that you have to watch for baboons and ostriches on the road. 

3. Hout’s Bay

Hout’s Bay is a charming coastal harbour surrounded by mountains. It received its name from the Dutch, meaning Wood Bay. There is a market for tourists and some wandering musicians.

The harbour is full of sailboats and some seals. The harbour seals have become tame enough to approach tourists for food, nevertheless they are still wild animals and should be treated accordingly.

4. Duikar Island

At Hout’s Bay you have the option of taking a boat out to Duikar Island (or Seal Island, as it is commonly known) to see Cape Fur Seals up close. The boat takes 20 minutes to get to the island and holds about 60 passengers. It costs about 70 Rand which is about 7 dollars Canadian.

According to Wikipedia, the island is 77 by 95 metres in size. The water around the island is rough, causing the boat to rock.  It is not a breeding colony because the waters are too rough for young pups.

The boat circles the island, getting as close to the rock as possible. It is a great way to see seals in their natural environment. It wasn’t until the trip back that I thought to look for sharks.

5. Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is the most south-western point on the African Continent. Part of the Table Mountain National Park, it was once thought to be the southernmost tip of Africa, but Cape Agulhas (200 km away) is the true tip.

It is very windy at the point, so hang on to your hat or anything you don’t want to fly away. The waves crash violently on the shore of the beautiful beach.

6. Cape Point

At the Cape, you can take the funicular to the lighthouse or climb the stone stairs. We took the funicular up and walked down to get the best of both experiences. There is a spectacular view at the top of both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, since the cape is where the oceans meet. My pictures don’t quite capture the beauty of this place.

7. Boulder’s Beach

The last stop on the tour is Boulders Beach to see the South African penguins at Simon’s Town. If you love animals, you will love this experience. I loved it so much I wrote an entire blog about the penguins.

Trio of penguins

Final Thoughts

If you ever go to South Africa, I highly recommend the Cape Peninsula tour. Is Cape Town on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments.

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Feature image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay; All other images Copyright Frankie Cameron Writes except the image of Cape Town.

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