7 Common Writing Myths to Avoid

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Written by Frankie Cameron

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Do the writing myths scare you? I’m not talking about Viking or Greek mythology, but the myths people tell themselves to avoid writing a novel.

These days, you don’t need traditional publishing or literary agent to get your book in front of people. The Internet, writing software and companies like Amazon and Ingram Sparks have made it possible for anyone who wants to get their ideas out in the universe, but there are a lot of misconceptions and writing myths that waylay aspiring novelists.

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Myth 1: Writing Requires Talent

There is no getting around the fact that talent helps. It is what separates exceptional writers from good ones. But writing is a skill that you can develop and learn. If you practice, study and seek guidance from others, you can improve as a writer. Learning is a continuous process and there are multiple websites, blogs and courses designed specifically for novelists. Dedication harnessed with talent can increase your skill level.

Myth 2: Writing is Easy for Some People

Writing is difficult for anyone. Even the most prolific experienced writers struggle. In fact, writing is brutally hard work, but experience and practice make it easier. Everything in life becomes easier with practice.

Most novelists agonize over every word choice and phrase, wondering if they could have improved it somehow.

Myth 3: Writing Isn’t a Useful Skill

Writing is a crucial skill. Okay, writing isn’t the same as complicated brain surgery or rocket science, but writing is not only the cornerstone of communication in business, but every facet of life requires some type of writing. We all send emails, text messages, and make social media comments every day. Sometimes, we rely on spell check so much that we expect technology to catch all the mistakes.

Myth 4: Writers’ Block is Insurmountable

There are two types of people with writers’ block. The first people refuse to write until everything is perfectly aligned. They need the perfect place, mood, pen or moment to write and refuse if everything isn’t to their exact specifications. Essentially, they create their own writers’ block.

The second group needs time for their story to percolate in their brain. They need to listen to their subconscious and take time to complete their story. Because, with time, the story will flow again.

Myth 5: It is Too Late to Start my Writing Career

Don’t let fear stop you from writing the novel that’s been bubbling around in your imagination for days, months, or years. Writing is not so much about talent as work and consistency. Write every day even when you don’t feel like it. Sometimes you just have to free write until the words start flowing again.

Myth 6: You Need a Writing Degree

Don’t let a lack of education stop you. Many writers have never taken a writing class and have published multiple books and novels. Imagination and creativity are the basic tools. You can hire an editor to clean up your commas and grammar.

Myth 7: Anything Short of Perfection is Failure

This usually has two meanings. The first is that your idea didn’t work out the way you intended and the second is that someone else won’t like it. Let’s face it, your writing won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s okay because you will find your readers.

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Final Thoughts

I can tell you from experience that it is difficult to write a book. In fact, I almost quit several times, but I kept with it and I am thankful now that I did. Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Let me know in the comments.


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