15 Christmas Trivia Questions

After the Christmas presents are opened and dinner is over, how do you spend your time? Think about adding Christmas trivia to your party or family event. Trivia is a great way to unwind and connect with other people, and it’s fun to test your memory.

Definition of Trivia

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines trivia as: 

A. unimportant matters: trivial facts or details
B. facts (as about people or events) that are not well known
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15 Christmas Trivia Questions

Here are fifteen Christmas trivia questions for you to try. Click on the plus sign in the answer box for the answer.

1. Can you name the popular Christmas song that was actually written for Thanksgiving?
A. Jingle Bells
B. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
C. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
D. Away in the Manger


A. Jingle Bells
James Pierpont composed the song in 1857. It was originally called One Horse Open Sleigh.

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2. Which Christmas tree fact is NOT true?
A. Artificial Christmas trees have outsold real ones every year since 1991.
B. Nova Scotia leads the world in exporting Christmas trees.
c. Franklin Pierce was the first president to decorate an official White House Christmas tree.
D. They chose the Christmas tree to represent this holy holiday because its shape points the way to heaven.


B. They chose the Christmas tree to represent this holy holiday because its shape points the way to heaven. Though this one sounds like it could be true.

3. Good King Wenceslas was king of what country?
A. Bohemia
B. England
C. Germany
D. Morocco


A. Bohemia.
Although, history has it that Wenceslas, who lived in the 10th century, was only a Duke, and not a King.

4. In 1897, the New York Sun newspaper wrote a famous response to a little girl’s question: “Yes, _______, there is a Santa Claus.” Can you name that girl?
A. Mary
B. Charlotte
C. Vidalia
D. Virginia


D. Virginia
Virginia O’Hanlon to be exact!

5. Taylor Swift grew up on what type of farm?
A. Peanut Farm,
B. Corn Farm,
C. Potato Farm,
D. Christmas Tree Farm


D. Christmas Tree Farm.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a Christmas trivia question.

6. What Dr. Seuss character steals Christmas?
A. The Grinch
B. Cindy Lou Who
C. Max
D. Horton


A. The Grinch
This question was too easy.

7. Name Scrooge’s dead business partner from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol?”
A. Jacob Marley
B. Tiny Tim
C. Bob Cratchett
D. Old William


A. Jacob Marley
The first of four spirits to appear to Scrooge that fateful Christmas Eve was that of Jacob Marley, his old business partner.

8. Electric Christmas tree lights were first used in what year?
A. 1865
B. 1895
C. 1905
D. 1932


B. 1895
American Ralph E. Morris had the bright idea (pun intended) that electric Christmas lights would be safer than using candles.

9. Many people are familiar with the term “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” but not everyone knows where it originated. Can you pick out the right explanation?
A. The Twelve Days of Christmas represents the number of days Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem.
B. The Twelve Days of Christmas represents the time that the three wise men from the East travelled to reach Baby Jesus after his birth.
C. The Twelve Days of Christmas represents the number of reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh.
D. The Twelve Days of Christmas represents the time required to celebrate Good King Wenceslas’ birthday.


B. The Twelve Days of Christmas represents the time that the three wise men from the East travelled to reach baby Jesus after his birth.

10. Who started the Christmas gift-giving tradition of giving sweaters for Christmas presents?
A. Those three wise men who visited the stable where Jesus was born.
B. The ancient Romans who exchanged gifts to bring good fortune for the new year.
C. Mark Antony, who was always looking for new ways to please Cleopatra.
D. The ancient Greeks who sought to placate the gods on Mount Olympus.


B. The ancient Romans who exchanged gifts to bring good fortune for the new year.

11. One of the pagan traditions that Christians have incorporated into their Christmas celebration includes hanging mistletoe. Which of these is NOT a former pagan belief?
A. Ancient Europeans believed that the mistletoe plant held magical powers to give life and fertility as well as protect against disease.
B. French girls used to slip branches of mistletoe beneath their pillows to dream of their future husbands.
C. The Celts believed mistletoe brought about peace and goodwill.
D. Northern Europeans associated mistletoe with the Norse goddess of love, Freya and developed the custom of kissing underneath mistletoe branches.


B. French girls

12. While today the Christmas tree is an enduring symbol of the season, it wasn’t always a holiday tradition. Which historical fact is NOT true?
A. According to legend, Martin Luther, the founder of German protestantism, while walking through the forest on Christmas Eve, was so moved by the starlit fir trees he brought one indoors and decorated it with candles to remind his children of God’s creation.
B. In 1841, Prince Albert of Germany gave his wife, Queen Victoria of England, a gift of a Christmas tree. This was reputedly the first Christmas tree in England, but the custom quickly spread.
C. German immigrants brought the Christmas tree to Europe, the United States and Canada, where it soon became a popular tradition.
D. On a bet, 11-year-old P. T. Barnum started hawking trees in Connecticut in 1821, telling his marks they were all the rage. Soon the fashion spread throughout the country and it became a tradition, thus establishing his motto “There is a sucker born every minute.”


D. P.T. Barnum
P. T. Barnum tried to sell just about everything, and may in fact have sold Christmas trees, but I doubt he sold them that young!

13. Who do we NOT have to blame for sending Christmas cards?
A. Medieval Europeans who exchanged wood prints of religious themes for Christmas.
B. English illustrator John Calcott Horsley, who created the first modern Christmas card in 1843 that depicted a family celebration with the caption “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.”
C. German-American printer Louis Prang, who made advances in colour lithography, allowing him to mass-produce colorful Christmas cards in 1875.
D. Desmond Hallmark, who had a surplus of cards left over from Arbor Day depicting a fir tree and unloaded them by the box by simply printing Merry Christmas across the trees in red ink.


D. Desmond Hallmark
You can blame everyone else, thank goodness for the e-cards.

14. Where does the name Santa Claus come from?
A. Clauslass
B. Sinterklaas
C. Nicholaas
D. Santerklass


B. Sinterklaas
They derived the name Santa Claus from Sinterklaas, the Dutch term for the ancient Christian figure of Saint Nicholas who was famous for his generosity to the poor.

15. Bing Crosby wrote the most recorded and well-known Christmas song of all time
A. Silent Night
B. Joy to the World
C. White Christmas
D. Blue Christmas


C. White Christmas
Sales are now over 50 million copies worldwide.

Final Thoughts

How many questions did you get right? Let me know in the comments.


Until next time

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